Housepresso 3 October 21

Published 3rd of October, 2021

All you need to know about the housing market this week in one quick hit

Are house prices on the turn? 

Mortgage rates continue to fall

According to the latest data from the Bank of England, mortgage rates are continuing to fall as the competition among mortgage lenders rises. This is good news for those looking to re-mortgage as a quieter post stamp duty holiday market could lead to some great mortgage deals this autumn

Mortgage approvals falling, but higher than normal...

Although the trend in mortgage approvals is downwards, they are still higher than their 'normal' pre-pandemic levels. Once the impact of the stamp duty holiday unwinds we expect to see a revision to mean.  

Twindig Housing Market Index

The Twindig Housing Market Index fell by 2.3% this week to 90.4, its lowest level since 17 July 2021. The ending of the Stamp Duty Holiday and the furlough scheme were on investors minds as we went to print. 

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