Housepresso 10 April 22

Published 10th of April, 2022

House prices rise by £1m per minute

According to the Equity Release Council, the total value of UK housing rose by more than £1m every minute during 2021, increasing the value of housing equity across the UK to £5.2 trillion. Rising house prices have seen the average loan to value fall from 25.6% before the pandemic to 23.1% at the end of 2021. The housing market is a very equity rich market, but does equity release stack up?

The 25 most expensive Council Tax Bills

As the cost of living rises and new council tax bills are arriving in the post, Twindig has crunched the numbers on the most and least expensive council tax bills across the country. This is probably the only league table where Blaenau Gwent wished it wasn’t in the top spot, no doubt wishing it could change places with the City of Westminster. Are you paying over the odds?

Halifax house price index hits 'another' new high

The Halifax house price index rose in March for the ninth month in a row, the 1.4% increase in March 2022 of £3,860, an amount significantly larger than the average full-time monthly wage, was the biggest increase since September.

The annual rate of house price inflation of 11.0% is a level of house price inflation we have not seen since mid-2007.

Thinking of selling your home, you'll need a BASPI

The Buying and Selling Property Information (BASPI) form has been designed to be a single source of truth for the upfront information required about a property when it is being sold.

The BASPI should be completed at the same time as the property is put on the market for sale.

By having all the information you need to buy and sell a home in one place at the time the property is first marketed for sale, the sale process should be less stressful, quicker to complete, and less likely to fail or fall through. The aim of the BASPI is to make the process of buying and selling your home less stressful. You can complete your BASPI digitally within your twindig

Twindig Housing Market Index

In the week that the Equity Release Council revealed that housing wealth in the UK increased by more than £1m per minute last year (surely lottery-style winnings but with better odds?), and the Halifax House Price Index reached 'another' high the Twindig Housing Market nudged down by the smallest of margins from 79.6 to 79.5.

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