Housepresso 9 October 22

Published 9th of October, 2022

How to lower your mortgage payments 

Picture credit: Kaleb Tapp

Understandably, increasing numbers of homeowners are worried about how they will be able to afford their mortgage as interest rates rise. Normally, during times of market stress, there are only two ways to lower your mortgage repayments: switch to an interest-only mortgage, or extend the length of your mortgage.

However, Twindig is working on a third way

House prices channelling the Grand Old Duke of York


It seems that UK house prices are channelling the Grand old Duke of York, rising in June, falling in July, rising in August and falling in September, they don't seem to know whether they are going up nor down. The average house price in September was £249 higher than it was in June

Mortgage rates moving on up (and nothing can stop them)

Whilst house prices are dithering, not sure whether to go up or down, the same cannot be said for mortgage rates. To quote the often, and recently quoted song by M People they are 'moving on up' and 'nothing can stop' them.

Where house prices are falling the most

picture where house prices are falling the most

As house prices begin to wobble we look at the 25 areas in the UK where house prices are falling the most.

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