How property logbooks can save lives

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Property logbooks may sound dull, but they could save lives

According to an investigation for the inews by Vicky Spratt the UK Government does not know the true scale of the cladding building safety crisis.

The inews reports that more than three years after the Grenfell Tower fire, the Government has no complete data on how many mid-rise buildings under 18 metres high have been built with dangerous materials and fire safety defects. And despite being the underwriter on Help to Buy loans, it is not collecting data on how many of those are Help to Buy or Shared Ownership properties.

You can read Vicky's full report here - Millions could be left behind by Government’s cladding response because it doesn’t know how many are affected


What is a property logbook?

If a ‘logbook’ is an official record of events during the voyage of a ship or an aircraft, a property logbook is the official record of a home, from cradle to grave. At Twindig we prefer the term ‘digital twin’ to logbook (hence our name ‘Twindig’). A twindig is a digital representation or full-service history of your home. We are currently working with house builders to create digital twins of all the homes they are building.


What information is stored on a twindig?

A twindig is all you need to know about your home at your fingertips, especially all that normally dull information you never know you need until you need it – such as the specification of the cladding used on the outside of the building and the bulbs used in the kitchen counter lights.
It also holds the useful information such as where the stopcock is, how to turn the electricity off and what colour the second bedroom is painted and which carpet is used in the hall, a veritable Wikipedia for your home.


Property logbooks – saving lives

If every home had a twindig then the UK Government would know the true scale of the cladding building safety crisis, and the Governments remediation fund could be properly costed and quickly actioned allowing everyone to once again sleep soundly in their beds.
Property logbooks also help with the day to day things – such as remortgaging and getting insurance. If a homeowner can demonstrate to lenders and insurers that their homes are using safe cladding then insurance will be easier to secure and lenders more willing to lend.


Twindigs help you sell your home

When you come to sell a property logbook will also pay dividends as all that key information your mortgage broker and conveyancer will need are already in one safe, secure, easy to find place – your Twindig.
Twindig is much more than a property logbook, we also have stamp duty calculators, mortgage and equity calculators and housing market analysis for your home, if you register your home on twindig we will also send you a free home valuation report every month.

You might also be in the 43% of households who know where they want to live – that is 7.2 million households – but there are less than 1 million homes currently for sale.

Twindig has details of every home in the country whether or not its currently for sale, even if your next home or your dream home is not for sale you can follow it on twindig like you follow people on Twitter or Facebook and we will keep you up to date.

Twindig offers every household a free property logbook template – visit today register your home and start logging.