Twindig - A new approach to property

Twindig is an online property platform that combines practical tools and deep insight to help people make better decisions as they buy, sell, improve and live in their homes, at every stage of their life.

At Twindig, we know that our homes and property are of vital importance to us all. The financial and social security of our families are built around the home and our homes are the building blocks of our society.

Having the right home in the right place at the right time is key for the life outcomes of you, your children and your family.

Too often we leave these property outcomes to chance.

Trust, Transparency and Confidence

Twindig is committed to putting you back in control of your largest financial asset. We help you to get the most out of your property so that you can get the most out of life.

Our research has shown that customer trust is severely lacking within the property buying and selling process and that buyers and sellers crave greater transparency, want to be better informed and feel more confident.

Twindig will provide tools which help manage the process of buying and selling a home, supporting estate agents and housebuilders to serve their customer better, speed up the house buying process and increase trust and confidence for consumers.

Supporting Estate Agents and House Builders

“Portals do not sell property, people sell property. Estate agents and housebuilders have done, are doing and will continue to play the most important role in the cycle of renting, buying and selling homes. Twindig is here to support the industry rather than cream excess profits from it.”

Twindig CEO Anthony Codling

Anyone who has bought or sold a home will know that you cannot ‘amazon-ify’ this process.

Every home is unique, every buyer is unique and every seller is unique.

Whilst portals play a vital role in the property market, they cannot pick up on the social cues that an estate agent or a housebuilder can, they cannot expertly match the buyer and the seller like an estate agent can, they have never bought houses, sold houses, or ever helped someone buy or sell a house.

Twindig aims to put estate agents and housebuilders back in control of their data allowing them to use their cash to serve the interests of their customers rather than serving the interests of portal’s shareholders.

Twindig levels the playing field by democratising data and putting it securely back into the hands of those who need it the most rather than those who profit from it the most.

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