Twindig Housing Market Index (HMI)

Published 12th of October, 2020

The Twindig Housing Market Index rose by 2.8% last week to 72.1, it’s highest level since the end of August, it was another strong week for the UK Housing market as house prices and housing transaction volumes continued to recover. It was also the week that the UK Government pledged to turn ‘Generation Rent’ into ‘Generation Buy’ through a Government-backed high loan to value (LTV) mortgage scheme. The scheme received a luke-warm response from lenders, perhaps because the announcement was somewhat light on details, but the Twindig view is that high LTV mortgages are an effective tool if used within sensible loan-to-income and debt-service-ratios. Our “Generation buy, will it really help first time buyers?” report digs into the detail and answers questions about the Generation Buy scheme.

Twindig HMI Chart 12 October 2020
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