Mortgage approvals

UK Mortgage approvals are the key leading housing market indicator, in our view. A mortgage approval today typically leads to a housing transition in three months time. However, the current rush of activity in the housing market following a period of closure and the announcement of the Stamp Duty Holiday has led to bottlenecks in the system and transaction times have lengthened, but we expect a mean reversion at some point.


Latest UK Mortgage approvals

Key UK mortgage approval statistics and figures:


Chart of recent UK mortgage approvals

UK mortgage approvals twindig anthony codling

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UK mortgage approval commentary

Mortgage approvals in July 21 were 75,152 almost 10% above their level a year ago (68,641), but were 6.4% lower than June 21 as we reached the first of two Stamp Duty Holiday cliffs. However, the new stamp duty holiday threshold of £250,000 is still higher than the average UK house price as reported by the Nationwide in July of £244,229, so plenty of house purchases will still benefit from the stamp duty holiday. Mortgage approvals in July were 16% above their 10-year average and we expect them to remain above average until the stamp duty holiday comes to an end on 30 September this year, although with fewer mortgages in the £250-500,000 range. The Stamp Duty Holiday was extended from 31 March 2021 to 30 June 2021 with a further, although less generous extension from 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021. The Stamp Duty holiday now applies to homes costing up to £250,000 rather than up to £500,000. However, the average house price in the UK is less than £250,000 according to the Nationwide Building Society, so plenty of homebuyers will still benefit from the Stamp Duty Holiday.   


Chart of long term UK Mortgage approvals


Chart UK mortgage approvals long run twindig anthony codling bank of england


Credit Conditions Survey 

The latest Bank of England Credit Conditions survey (15 July 21) reported some very interesting dynamics in the mortgage market.The supply of mortgages is expected to increase and the price of mortgages (mortgage rates) continue to decrease in the coming months, which should stimulate demand. However, demand for house purchase mortgages is expected to decrease as the stamp duty holiday draws to a close. We may therefore start to see the housing market slow down as the wider economy opens up.


Future publication dates for UK Mortgage approvals



UK Mortgage approval data since January 2018

Date    Mortgage Approvals ('000)
Jan 18 66.9
Feb 18 64.0
Mar 18 63.6
Apr 18 63.6
May 18 65.0
Jun 18 65.6
Jul 18 64.9
Aug 18 66.2
Sep 18 65.6
Oct 18 67.1
Nov 18 64.5
Dec 18 64.3
Jan 19 65.9
Feb 19 65.3
Mar 19 62.6
Apr 19 66.7
May 19 66.1
Jun 19 67.1
Jul 19 68.7
Aug 19 67.6
Sep 19 66.6
Oct 19 64.6
Nov 19 64.4
Dec 19 66.0
Jan 20 69.3
Feb 20 72.9
Mar 20 56.7
Apr 20 15.8
May 20 9.3
Jun 20 40.6
Jul 20 68.6
Aug 20 87.8
Sep 20 93.2
Oct 20 97.9
Nov 20 103.6
Dec 20 100.9
Jan 21 96.8
Feb 21 87.1
Mar 21 82.3
Apr 21 85.4
May 21 86.2
June 21 80.3
July 21 75.1

Source: Bank of England

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