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Published 16th of March, 2022

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Is this really wordle for houses?

Well, we know it is fun, competitive, mildly addictive, and you can challenge your friends to see who knows the most about house prices. At a recent housing conference we attended, we estimate that the majority of attendees were playing the game, which some, referred to as wordle for houses.  We will let you decide if it really is Wordle for houses, we think its about numbers and pictures rather than words and letters, but, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Are you a house price expert?

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Play our what some are calling Wordle for houses to find out and share your scores and challenge your friends... how very wordle...  

Do you know more about house prices than your estate agent?

Team twindig was at the Guild of Property Professionals and Fine and Country Conferences last week. On both days we ran our wordle for houses competition to see which estate agent knew the most about house prices.

The winning score was 6,329,303 - can you do better? It is certainly a good score, but will it stand forever?

What is wordle for houses?

Wordle for houses is a house price game. On each level, you are shown several pairs of houses - House A and House B and you have to choose which is the most expensive of the two.                        

Image wordle for houses AorB house prices twindig Housing Hailey

How do I score points in wordle for houses? 

You will score points for each correct answer you give and you need to get at least half of the questions right to move to the next level. The more questions you answer correctly and the quicker you answer correctly the higher your score. 

What if I get stuck in wordle for houses?

We have thought of that, if you get stuck you can use the 'hint' button. You can use up to four hints for each question, your score for a particular question will be reduced each time you use a hint.  So there is a trade-off between getting a high score for a question and being sure you have the right answer.

Why is the house price game like wordle?

We are not sure really, the games are very different, the gameplay is very different and the games look and feel very different, but both are fun and you can compete against your friends and family and depending on your view of house prices, you could say that both are educational... 

Go on, give it a try...

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