Twindig Housing Market Index (HMI)

Published 31st of December, 2020

The Twindig Housing Market Index fell by 3.1% to 88.1 this week, however, this is still the Index's second-highest level since 28 February 2020. Few would have thought that the Index would finish at such a high level given we have yet to see the Brexit trade deal in action, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have got its second wind and growing numbers of us are in Tier 4 and will be 'celebrating' New Year at home. Whilst Investors are slightly less optimistic about the UK housing market on New Year's Eve than they were on Christmas Eve, the Index level of 88.1 implies they are expecting Brexit trade hurdles to be cleared and COVID-19 challenges to be conquered. They are mindful that we are not out of the woods yet, but are looking forward to the green spaces ahead.

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