Twindig Housing Market Index (HMI) - 3 Apr 21

Published 3rd of April, 2021

A quiet week for UK housing as we enjoyed a mini-heatwave as Easter approached, although as the mercury reached its highest level in 53 years some asked if the temperature of the housing market this march had also reached similar heights. The Nationwide House Price Index suggested that the average home had increased by £12,000 since the start of the first lockdown just over a year ago.

We reach Easter with investor confidence in the UK housing market at 89.4, around 10% lower than it was in January 2020. Looking back, few predicted the pandemic and fewer still predicted how strong the performance of the UK housing would be. Looking forward performance is set fair, in our view, whilst the Stamp Duty remains on holiday and if the vaccine rollout continues at its current pace, the next 12 months for the UK housing market could be as remarkable as the last.

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