Twindig Housing Market Index

Published 24th of July, 2020

Today we are launching the Twindig Housing Market Index (HMI).

The index tracks investor sentiment towards the UK housing market.

Twindig started collecting data for the index at the start of 2020, it therefore provides a clear picture of the impact of COVID on the UK Housing market.

The index tracks sentiment towards: estate agents, housebuilders, mortgage lenders and property portals. The index started on 1 January 2020 with a value of 100. When (not if…) there is evidence that the UK housing market is returning ‘back to normal’ we believe this evidence will be reflected in our Index.

We will be updating the index every week.

Twindig HMI Chart 24 July 2020

The current value of the Index is 69, which implies a fall of almost one third (31%). The index reached a low of 47.5 on 3 April.

The index has risen by 21% since the housing market reopened on 13 May and by just 2% since the Summer Statement, suggesting that investors were not expecting the Stamp Duty cut to return the UK housing market to full health.

Twindig HMI Table 24 July 2020

We will be updating the Twindig Housing Market Index each week and you can sign up for updates using the form below.

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