Property Market-Insights Podcast 9 Feb 23 - Housebuilders

Published 10th of February, 2023

In this week's Property Market Insights Daniel Hamilton Charlton and I discussed the latest house price data and housebuilders

What is happening to house prices and what are the housebuilders telling us about the housing market. Listen to the podcast to hear our view.

To watch with the charts click on the 'watch now' button below to see the youtube version

Here are the main charts we refer to in the podcast

The Halifax house price index

Martin Lewis tweet 

Average mortgage rates for new 2-year fixed rate mortgages 

Increase in mortgage payments for a £100,000 25 year capital repayment mortgage over the last year

Barratt Developments' sales rates

Redrow sales rates

Barratt sales mix

Graph chart showing Barratt Developments sales mix twindig Housing Hailey
Housing Hailey

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