Property Market-Insights Podcast 3 Feb 23 - Mortgages

Published 3rd of February, 2023

What is happening to mortgage approvals and what does that mean for the housing market?

What is happening to mortgage rates are they going up or down and what is the mortgage rate outlook for the rest of the year?

What did the Bank of England do to Bank Rate this week and why is that important to the mortgage market?

How much has the average mortgage payment increased by since COVID-19

Mortgage approvals since January 2018

graph chart mortgage approvals Dec 22

Mortgage approvals since October 1986

graph chart long run UK mortgage approvals Dec 22 twindig Housing Hailey

Mortgage rates for new business

graph chart average mortgage rate for new business since June 2018

Average mortgage rates for new business - long run 

graph chart average mortgage rate for new business long run

Monthly mortgage payment

Assuming 25 year repayment mortgage based on average monthly house price and average monthly mortgage rate for new business 

graph chart average monthly mortgage payment twindig Housing Hailey

Housing Hailey

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