Twindig AorB - The House Price Game

Published 27th of November, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of: 'Twindig AorB - The House Price Game'. Probably the best house price game ever invented...

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What is Twindig AorB?

Twindig AorB is house price game which is very easy to play.

All you have to do is choose which of two properties (A or B) is the most expensive.

Sounds easy doesn’t it, give it a try….

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The aim of the game is to see how high you can climb the property ladder, each question you answer correctly loves you up one rung.

You can either play on your own, or challenge friends, family and colleagues and create your own property ladder league.

How do I play Twindig AorB?

You will be shown two properties all you have to do is decide which is the most expensive

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If you are unsure, you can tap the 'Hint' button, each hint taken reduces the number of points you score for a correct answer. There is a maximum of four hints per question, but each hint costs you one credit and your credits are limited.

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To advance to the next level you need to win a bronze trophy (by getting at least half of the questions correctly). If you win a silver trophy you will be given more credits for the next level (1 hint costs 1 credit) and if you win gold we will give you even more credits to help you climb the property ladder even faster.

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Praise for Twindig AorB

Here is what some of the people who have already played the game are saying:

“Much better than actual work” – twindig employee

“It’s so simple that you get drawn into it” – my mum  

“I can see how this could be addictive”  – my mother in law

“Crap name, great game”  - one of my best mates

“My partner is on level 1,027 of Candy Crush, but since playing Twindig AorB they haven’t crushed a single candy”  – my PR advisor

“If you were interested in house prices I could see how this would be interesting, I’m not, so it isn’t” – my brother

“Great game for playing during ad breaks or whilst sitting on the loo” – Mrs P Chesterfield

"We can't have a Christmas party this year, but we can have Twindig AorB challenge night instead" - Head of HR Twindig

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Is Twindig AorB COVID safe?

Yes. You can play Twindig AorB irrespective of which lockdown tier you find yourself in. It is also safe to challenge a person located in a different tier to you.

Households can also safely play Twindig AorB at the same time in the same room.

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